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How it works

BSOL 100 - 200 -300 -400 Intelligent Sequential Solar Powered LED Light

It is an independent lighting sequence which is used in residential areas or bike paths, based on the ecological principle: there is only light needed when someone is present. An integrated system detects pedestrians and cyclists and switches on a cluster of light moving in their direction.
This lighting works completely without wiring and gets its energy from the sun, using a special energy storage system, which requires no replacement of batteries for 15 years.

1. The PIR sensor detects passer-by or an cyclist and the light pole lights up.

2. As the passer-by or an cyclist is passed, the sensor detects the speed between pole to pole.

3. The pole sends a wireless signal to the adjacent poles instructing them to light up.

4. The result is a nice looking LED light that follows the cyclist or passer-by.

5. Once the pole is passed the light turns off again.

All Nozon product, street lighting works in the same way and all the products can be used in combination.

Smart Light - Light on demand
Switched LED on when pathway will be used
Switched LED off when no one is on the pathway
Nozon Solar lighting
is bieng used for:

- bike path

- Walking and biking paths

- Pedestrial lanes

- Parking lots

- jogging tracks

- Remote areas

- Marinas

- Leasure parks

- Camping sites

- Nature reserves

- Holiday cottage and recreational areas

- Housing areas

- Bus stops

- Zebra Crossing

- Recycling stations

- Directional Signs

- showcase and info vitrines

- Riding tracks

- picnic places

- Etc........

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